August Informer

The Fuelling Station

I don't know about you, but I hate running out of fuel in my vehicle. It has happened a few times and creates a lot of frustration. On the other hand, there is a good feeling knowing that the tank is full when you begin a journey. The only reason I might run out is because I don't pay attention to the warning light or I carelessly think I can trust my better judgement. Hindsight teaches me that this is foolishness.

Lately I have been thinking through my need for personal soul fuel. How often is it that we think we can survive on an empty tank? Our fuel stops might be Church, a Podcast, Lifegroup or occasionally catching up with a Christian friend. If your car is low you fill it so it can be useful and take you places. Yet when it comes to our souls, we so often run on empty and think we can survive to be useful for the Lord's work.

So many Christians are just going through the motions of Christianity and not being fuelled. When I was dating my wife, I made sure that I built relationship. I didn't sit down and study the words she shared, analyse the context of where she was writing from and think, "what can I learn from her writings for my life." I needed to get to know her so I worked on relationship.

In his little book 'My heart Christ's Home', Robert Munger speaks of the need to meet with the Lord daily for relationship. He puts it as though the Lord was speaking to us, "The trouble is that you have been thinking of the quiet time, of bible study and prayer, as a means for your spiritual growth. This is true, but you have forgotten that this time means something to Me also. Remember, I love you. At a great cost I redeemed you. I value your fellowship. Just to have you look up into my face warms my heart. Don't neglect this time even if for My sake. Whether or not you want to be with me, remember I want to be with you. I really love you."

Having just completed a mission with a number of teenagers, I have seen how having a daily Quiet Time has changed their relationship with Christ. I know for me it has proved to be an essential source of fuel for my daily existence. How often do you go to the fuelling station to meet with your loving heavenly Father just to feel His tender touch and take time to talk with Him? Please don't neglect it. You will not be able to be an effective servant of Christ without it. Take a look at Psalm 1, 19 and 119 to gain some inspiration. Remember Romans 10:17, "faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God." and Hebrews 11:6, "Without faith it is impossible to please Him".

Tom McIvor

Youth Reachout Fiji

Youth Reachout 2015 visited Fiji with a team of 56, including Charles Mareu our Fijian Director of Word of Life. We experienced such a blessed time. We had 31 students, two cooks, and a Nurse as well as our Interns and team leaders. As director of the trip I was so grateful for the way the team and leaders worked together so well and so hard; it certainly made my job easier.

After some frustrating plane delays we finally got to Fiji and spent our first week at Coral Coast Christian Camp, training for outreach and beginning our discipleship process. The team bonded very quickly and it was awesome to see how they responded to God's Word as we taught on various topics.

Next was 10 days in Suva. While there we were able to visit a low cost housing area and an Indian community where a church planter is establishing a church among Hindus. We also visited High Schools, Primary Schools, Churches and held Youth programmes as well as doing some street witnessing.

During our stay in Suva we went inland to run a weekend camp in the Ra province at a school. Unfortunately the grounds at the school were double booked for a big sports day with around 600 people coming. Fortunately we were given permission to do a gospel presentation for everyone there and afterward our team was able to distribute gospel booklets to many people. God's plans are so much better than our own! It was an awesome opportunity.

There were several highlights during the three weeks we were in Fiji. During our street witnessing one team led four people to the Lord. This was the first time they had led someone to the Lord and it was great to see their excitement as they came back to base. At one youth programme, a leader felt challenged from the Lord and she had the joy of leading a girl to the Lord which changed her focus so much. A group was able to visit a church where many deaf people go and came back buzzing at being able to communicate, make good friends and value their senses.

At the ACS Girls High School many girls trusted Christ and we were able to go back a second time to answer questions and had an awesome time. Some of these girls who have had burning questions but not been able to ask anyone before received answers! Praise God! We could have been there for hours. They love us coming because we always stay and talk with them, unlike many other groups that visit. The doors are now open for Charles and Tina to visit and do ministry with them every three weeks. At Gospel High in Suva a number of students came off the bleaches in front of fellow students to trust Christ.

Ba Provincial High invited us to come as the first Christian group to ever visit. Many students trusted Christ here and they now want us to come back every time we are in Lautoka. There were members of our team coming forward at a meeting in Ra, surrendering their lives to Christ and giving over baggage to the Lord; this is always so moving for me to see.

The end of trip testimonies were fantastic; to hear how the Holy Spirit had brought about change in the teams lives for His glory. Young people set free from bondage, realising changes that have to be made, leading someone to Christ for the first time, gaining a love for the gospel, gaining assurance or accepting the love that Christ has for them in a real and personal way. Another highlight was that Charles and Tina's daughter Elizabeth gave her life to Christ with Tina while we were in Fiji. Such excitement for this family!

This mission we run each year never causes me to grow weary. Even though this was trip 22 for me, I still get excited each time. Everyone on the team and many churches are impacted as team members come home with a different attitude and heart for Christ.

We spoke to over 5000 people Saw at least 60 first time decisions 58 re-dedications to Christ 2000 Booklets were given away Many questions were answered around the gospel and Christian living.
All glory to God. Heaven is going to be an awesome place!!!

Thank you for all your prayers for the team and for our families back home. BIG thanks to Liz (my wife) who kept the fort at home. She is such a blessing!!

Tom McIvor
Trip Co-ordinator

What the students are saying about Youth Reachout

"God has helped me realize that I had the wrong priorities in my life. I know now that I need to centre my entire life around God and give Him full control." - Isaac Jones

"God has grown me so much on this trip and has really made me more thankful for what Jesus has done in my life. - Kate Goodson

"I really enjoyed the unity of the team; the positivity and encouragement of one another." - Victor Barnes

"God has given me a new love for the Bible and reaffirmed my love for missions." - Mikaela Cornwall

"I now have much more confidence in talking to people about Jesus." - Tom Leslie

Trip Testimonies

"One of the biggest lessons I learned while on Youth Reachout is the importance of my own faith story. While sharing the gospel and telling others my story I soon found that many could relate to challenges I had faced in my own life. This really helped me to understand that any work God does in my life, no matter how small, is never wasted or insignificant. God can use me just as I am, in ways I can't imagine, to teach others about Him and be an encouragement.

I was taught how to make the most of my Bible and the time I spend with the Lord. I've learned so much in the past three weeks, just from opening God's word daily and also through hearing in family times what everyone else has been reading. Now Quiet Times are a staple for me and something I look forward to each morning.

The seminar which challenged me the most was the one on being a disciple because
it taught me that being a disciple implies acceptance in mind and life of the views and practices of the teacher. It can sometimes be difficult for me to accept God's will for my life and surrender all to Him, but leaving here, I have a renewed desire to serve God. I now know that I need to be open to chiselling because as a disciple, everything I am is for His kingdom's cause. It has been great serving God but I want to make sure that Youth Reachout is not the time in my life when I am most serving God. I want to continue to grow in my faith."

Jacone du Plessis - Katikati

"I'm what you would call a worrier. I'm
someone who has to know what is happening, what the plan is, I need to know every detail of my future and I don't like surprises.

On Youth Reachout, one of the first things I noticed God doing in my life was helping me with this problem. While I was reading the Bible three books in a row had verses that addressed this issue specifically! The seminar on 'God's Will' also made me realise that God already has a future ready for me so I don't need to worry about what the future has in store for me because God has already planned it all. Another area I noticed was lacking in my life was the quantity of Quiet Times I made an effort to do. As I, along with the rest of the team, did a Quiet Time every morning I found that my struggle with temptation was a lot easier as I could directly attack it with the most powerful weapon—the Word of God! Something that God especially drew my mind to was His grace. He really opened my eyes to how much grace He gives me even though I deserve absolutely nothing.

My highlight of the trip was easily when we went around town sharing the Gospel to strangers. It was something I had been nervous about before we even left for the trip (over this time God spoke and comforted me through Philippians 4:6), but I only had to share once before I didn't want to stop. The Lord introduced me to something new that I really enjoyed and helped me to make the decision that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

God taught me so much, showed me where and how I needed to change and gave me a new family of 55 other people to grow with!"

Joshua McClay - Rotorua

Mareu's Ministry

Visit from Word of Life New Zealand
The three weeks that the New Zealand Word of Life team were with us for Youth Reachout were exciting, enriching and life changing to many here in Fiji. Souls have been saved, testimonies shared and praises have gone up to the Lord for the great impact that the team has had not only on the young people they've touched but also on the teachers, families and churches they've come into contact with.

Ministry Updates
Please pray for Word of Life Fiji, for God's guidance, vision and wisdom as we take time to stand back and assess what we are doing, how we can improve on our strengths and work on our weaknesses.

The OneTalk ministry we are involved with is made up mostly of students from Vanuatu who attend universities around the capital of Suva. We fellowship every Sunday Evening in our little Raiwai chapel and have been going through the 'Facts about Life' and 'Four Spiritual Laws' with them.

Opportunities have opened up for Charles to go to villages or clans to share God's Word. Please pray for wisdom, clarity of the Word and protection on our family. Pray for a clan (they wish to begin their family fellowship together monthly and have asked Charles to lead their service), for genuineness of hearts in seeking the Lord. The Lord has put it on Charles' heart the need for a Bible study for this clan.

Ra training this August: We are still awaiting confirmation from the Methodist pastor of a village in Ra for a weekend training for their young people. We are excited to build and strengthen this relationship with them.

The all-girls school, Adi Cakobau School has invited Charles back to share with them on a regular basis.

Pray for our planned youth camp before the end of the year.

We are blessed to have you pray alongside us and partner with us. God bless you all!

Family Praises & Prayers
Praise God!!!! Elizabeth gave her life to the Lord some weeks ago with the help of her mum after a bed time story. Pray she will grow to love God more and more.

Tina's mum who lives in Australia is suffering from some significant health issues. Please pray for someone to take care of her and that she will come to know Christ.

Charlie's dad passed away mid-May which meant for a little over two weeks we had about 50 people living at our home until all the traditional protocols were observed. This was a testimony of God's provision and faithfulness to all who stayed and to others who attended.

Word of Life Sports Events

A great opportunity for youth leaders to bring their youth to an environment which will be full of fun friendly competition. Our aim is to run each event with excellence by doing our best to create a feel of professionalism and sportsmanship. Although we do all of this for the fun of youth groups and youth leaders our ultimate goal is to give students an opportunity to respond to the clear message of Jesus Christ. This year so far we have shared the Gospel with 860 people, 24 of who have made a commitment to follow Jesus Christ. We have another five tournaments and a camp coming up before the end of the year so keep praying please!

Click here to find a tournament near you

Staff News

David & Ainsley Gow
Both have been accepted to study at the Word of Life Bible Institute in New York State. They fly to the States on September 8th in preparation for classes starting on September 18th. They are attending the one year course which will give them a greater biblical foundation and will provide many ministry opportunities – they are especially looking forward to being involved in the summer and winter camps. This is something that both David and Ainsley feel is the next step on their journey and they are excited for all they will learn and the opportunities they will have to grow. David will continue to work for Word of Life New Zealand on return from the States and Ainsley is looking to join staff too.

Joshua McIvor
"The way God has provided for me over the last months has been amazing. For those who don't know, I also have the awesome opportunity to go over to New York State in September to study at
the Word of Life Bible Institute. Through this study I will have many opportunities to grow in my spiritual walk through biblical study and ministry. Some of the ministries that I will be involved with are summer and winter camps, mission trips, evangelism and church ministry. I pray that God will use me in ways I never thought I could be used and challenge me in ways I would grow and learn from. Overall, I hope that over this time God will shape and craft me into a more mature and experienced person for His work back in New Zealand."

To stay in touch with David, Ainsley and Joshua while they're away, email them at davegow@wol.org.nz, or joshuamcivor@wol.org.nz

Can you help us? Funds needed for our office

Two years ago on the 21st November 2013, Word of Life New Zealand obtained a building to operate out of. It came as a provision from the Lord through generous Trusts and individual people. At that point the previous owners, Laidlaw College Incorporated, gave us a two year interest free loan of $87,500.

Our two years is now up and we will need to repay the loan by 21st November 2015. We have raised $48,000 towards the required total which leaves us with a deficit of $39,500 to raise by November.

We have been blown away by the generosity of everybody who has helped us get to $48,000 already, and we would ask you consider contributing to this remaining shortfall. If you are able to make a donation, we would need to receive it by the 2nd November 2015. This will give us time to raise a mortgage if the total is not reached.

The building has made a huge difference to our operating ability and has allowed us to increase our staff, interns and general hospitality! It came at a very good time for the expansion of our ministry team. More young people have found Christ and many more have been discipled because of the impact of having a better building.

We are trusting the Lord will provide for us and meet this financial need. It would be nice to not have a mortgage at all at the end of November. The Lord continues to expand on all gifts, large and small for the advancement of His kingdom as we continue to evangelise and disciple youth.

You may consider a one-off gift, an automatic payment for a period of time, or an interest free loan. All gifts will be issued with a tax deductible donation receipt. Please pray and ask the Lord how you might contribute to this need.

Events for 2015

Check out our Events Page for upcoming events and our Labour Weekend Camp