Because evangelism and discipleship are so important, we want to place useful tools in your hands to help children and youth ministries teach the Word of God. Our curriculum is firmly rooted in Biblical doctrine and teaches Biblical principles, helping students connect God's Word to their lives in a very real and personal way.
Word of Life publishes curriculum for three different age groups:

Gopher Buddies

Age 4-6
Establishing Biblical Thoughts


Year 2-8
Establishing Biblical Habits

Student Ministries

Year 9-13
Establishing Biblical Principles


Quiet Time Diary

Word of Life is committed to the world-wide evangelism and subsequent discipleship of young people. One of our methods of discipleship is through the avenue of the 'Quiet Time Diary'. A simple but powerful daily devotional tool used by thousands around the world.

LCM Essentials

LCM Essentials is Word of Life NZ's online portal to sharing resources and ideas. This is the place where youth ministries access resources to teach their youth solid Biblical foundations and principles.


Transfer Live is a website with free training videos for pastors, youth pastors and children workers. Videos are made available every Tuesday straight from Word of Life in the US.