Youth Reachout
A three week mission trip with life long value

An overseas mission trip with a focus on evangelism and personal growth

Youth Reachout is a three week mission trip overseas for teenagers aged 16 and over. The trip is split into two parts: The first week is training and equipping the team for evangelism with tools such as dramas and songs. The next 2 weeks are spent traveling around the country and telling locals at churches and schools about the gospel.

Not only are you spending time inputting into the local lives, but you yourself grow with personal input and electives from our team leaders, aimed for team members to grow themselves in God.

Personal Testimony

I didn't really know what to expect going on Youth Reachout, but it certainly wasn't the experience that I came away with. The first week in Samoa was spent in a small village, getting to know the other people, dramas, songs and puppet shows as well as listening to lots of seminars from Tom. This week was the one I loved the most. It was listening to the seminars and talking to my leader Sarah that I started to understand the amazingness of God's love for me. I have grown up in a family where both my parents were Christians and I have heard my whole life that God loves me and wants a relationship with me. But it was on Youth Reachout that this was made 100% real to me.

On Youth Reachout I shared the gospel message with someone for the first time, I was challenged in how I was living in relation to authorities in my life and about having a daily Quiet Time, I shared my testimony and was pushed outside of my comfort zone well and truly. However I will also say that was an experience that I am never going to forget. I made friends for life, I grew in ways that I never thought I would and I know that I would never be where I am today without that trip or the people on it that invested in me.

Courtney Wiseman
A student on the 2011 trip to Samoa


Due to a lack of staffing resources we are unable to run a Youth Reachout trip in 2020. We look forward to running our next trip in 2021. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

We are taking interest for 2021 but will have no official details available until late 2020.

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