CONVERGE is a new style of event which we have brought in for 2019. It will be a night of fun and competition, catering to a wide range of youth, where teams will compete in head-to-head and wide game types of activities.

Yet CONVERGE goes beyond a night of fun. The purpose of CONVERGE is to share the hope of the Gospel with every person that comes, and to allow a platform for youth to invite others to hear about this hope.

Our vision is to:
'Equip leaders to empower youth to love and share the gospel'

Each CONVERGE event will run in conjunction with several youth groups in an area. We will come alongside both leaders and youth to train and encourage them.

In practice this will look like:

  • A session with each leadership team where we will discuss how they can best support their youth in counselling and discipleship, both during CONVERGE and afterwards.
  • A lesson at each youth group focussed on building their excitement for the Gospel and empowering them to share that excitement. Inviting their friends to CONVERGE will then create an opportunity for them to begin sharing their faith.

We would love to see youth excited about the Gospel and the opportunity they have to share it with those around them.

If this is something your youth ministry wants to be a part of, please show your interest below. We may be limited as to how many churches we can partner with in 2019 due to our calendar, but we will do our best to find you a space.

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