ORIGIN is an opportunity to reach a large amount of young people across New Zealand with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In order for us to run this large scale event and reach hundreds of youth, you can imagine we need a lot of volunteers!

Each ORIGIN requires up to 40 volunteer’s who love God and are willing to serve, to fill a number or roles throughout the night. The majority of the roles require people to be available from 2pm-10pm on the day of ORIGIN, but even if you can’t come for the entire night, we would still love your help!

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Activity Referee
This role is our largest need. We have a lot of activities set up that need volunteers to referee players and award DOSH as it is earned.

We need dedicated crew to assist in the running of our café area throughout the whole night. This involves making coffee, preparing food, taking payment etc. 

Prayer Team
During 'The Summit' (the Gospel presentation half way though the night), we would love to have a prayer team who will gather and prayer during this time, that God would work powerfully in the hearts of the youth. We see this as an incredibly important part of the event!

We also have a number of admin roles that need filling, such as being an usher on the door, security, a DOSH banker, or helping with registrations.

Set Up
In addition to a role on the night, if you are willing and free for the day of ORIGIN, we would appreciate any help we can get with set up! We usually start setting up the venue around 9am.


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