Our Staff

Dave & Ainsley Gow

Dave has been with Word of Life since 2010. He and Ainsley got married in 2014, then in 2015 they travelled to the United States to study at the Word of Life Bible Institute for a year. Dave has co-ordinated Events, Camp, and our Internship Program while being staff at Word of Life. 
Dave has co-ordinated Events, lead Word of Life Camp, lead our Internship Program and been Office Manager while being staff at Word of Life. Currently he is a member of our Management team, and the Field Coordinator for New Zealand.

Ainsley was our Accounts Administrator between 2016 and 2018, and now is a full-time mum. She still oversees the accounts which is such an important role in our team.

Dave and Ainsley are both passionate about discipleship, and seeing young people grow and develop in their relationship with Christ. Dave and Ainsley have 3 young boys, Elijah, Isaiah and Ezekiel.

Contact Dave directly at davegow@wol.nz or Ainsley at ainsleygow@wol.nz.

Josh McIvor

Josh did our internship programme back in 2014. He was then staff in 2015, before moving to the United States to study at the Word of Life Bible Institute for 2 years. Josh then continued on to the Cross Cultural Internship programme where he moved to serve with Word of Life Brazil for another 2 years. Josh has now transitioned back into full time staff in New Zealand taking on a role as Intern Manager. Josh is passionate about ministry leadership development in New Zealand. He is excited about running the internship program in way that best develops the interns we have. He continues to complete his Bachelor’s degree.

Contact Josh directly at joshuamcivor@wol.org.nz.

Madi McIvor

Madi is new to the Word of Life New Zealand team in 2020! She is originally from Florida in the United States. Madi studied at the Word of Life Bible Institute in New York in 2016-2017, and is now part of the Cross Cultural Internship program, where she is serving here in New Zealand. Madi will be working as an Intern Manager. She is excited to develop in her leadership and ministry skills, while being a part of developing our interns in leadership and ministry skills also. Madi continues to study for her Bachelor’s degree.

Contact Madi directly at madisonschake@wol.org.nz.

Daniel & Carol Dortch

Carol joined the team in February 2014 after attending the Word of Life Bible Institute in New York for two years. She works with the team as the Office Administrator, and Youth Reachout Administrator. Carol is burdened for youth and loves coming alongside them to encourage and help them realise the importance of growing their own relationship with God.

Daniel spent 2 years at the Word of Life Bible Institute in the United States in 2016 and 2017. He then continued on to do the Cross-Cultural Internship program with Word of Life New Zealand in 2018, to continue in ministry while finishing his Bachelor’s degree online. Since being in New Zealand, Daniel has been a part of our events team.

Daniel and Carol met when Daniel moved to New Zealand to join our team, and got married September 2019. Since Daniel has now finished his Cross-Cultural Internship and graduated, he and Carol are currently raising support so that they can return as full-time staff.

Contact Daniel directly at danieldortch@wol.org.nz or Carol at caroldortch@wol.org.nz.

Thalia Bromby

Thalia recently joined our team at the end of 2019. She has been involved with Word of Life for many years, originally in Bermuda, where she is from. Thalia served there as a volunteer Word of Life Club Youth Leader for 20 years. She then moved to Jeju, South Korea in 2017 to work as an Admissions Coordinator at the Word of Life Bible Institute in Jeju until 2019. She has now joined the Word of Life New Zealand team and is working as our Office Administrator. Thalia loves to be around young people and encourage them to grow in their relationship with the Lord.

Contact Thalia directly at thaliabromby@wol.org.nz.

Local Church Ministries (LCM) Team

Scott Doddrell

Scott has been with the Word of Life team since 2010. He has, along with his wife Allison, been working in children and youth ministries for about 20 years in the local church.
Scott, Allison and their children Levi and Sarah are based at Manurewa Bible Church in South Auckland. They continue to lead their local Youth Group and Allison is leading the Sunday School work.
Scott's passion is to continue to support, encourage and develop the next generation of youth workers in New Zealand. Scott is currently responsible for Local Church Ministries with Nathan Martin, as they provide resources, leadership training and support to those working in the local church.

If you wish to contact Scott directly his email address is scottdoddrell@wol.nz.

Nathan & Danielle Martin

Nathan first came to Word of Life as an intern in 2007. He then joined staff in 2008 in the role of Outreach Coordinator, before spending two years studying at the Word of Life Bible Institute in the United States, where he met Danielle. Danielle grew up in Oregon and attended the Word of Life Bible Institute in 2006 before joining staff at the Word of Life World Headquarters in New York in 2008. Nathan and Danielle got married in 2014, then returned to New Zealand joining the Local Church Ministries team.

Danielle and Nathan work primarily with churches and youth ministries in the South Island, encouraging leaders and providing support, resources and leadership development opportunities. Their passion is to see youth leaders equipped with a biblical foundation for youth ministry.

Nathan and Danielle have two young children, Liam and Daphne.

Contact Nathan directly at nathanmartin@wol.nz or Danielle at daniellemartin@wol.nz .

Events Team

Mikey Cooper

Mikey joined Word of Life in 2017 as an intern, and started on staff the following year. Since 2018 Mikey has been part of our events team. This year he will be directing ORIGIN and overseeing the gospel content and training resources we produce. Mikey also plays a big part in building relationships with the local churches we work with. Mikey has a huge passion for ministry and to see lives changed by the gospel. He is currently in his 3rd year of a Bachelor of Theology through Otago University.

Contact Mikey directly at mikeycooper@wol.nz 

Lance Robinson

Lance started at Word of Life in 2018 as an intern. Since then he has joined staff in the role of heading up all of our promotions, media and branding. Lance has a creative eye and skills, and is a valuable part of our team. Lance loves to get alongside youth leaders to encourage them in their ministry, so this year he will also be working alongside our Local Church Ministries (LCM) team to grow in this area.

Contact Lance directly at lancerobinson@wol.org.nz.

Charlotte Ennor

Charlotte joined Word of Life in 2018 as an intern, and started on staff in 2019. She is part of the events team as the executive assistant, working in administration and co-ordinating of the team. Charlotte is passionate about excellence being key as we as a ministry work to see lives changed by the gospel. Because of this she works alongside Lance in design and media also. Charlotte has been given opportunities to do design for other businesses so is able to do that as well as working with Word of Life.

Contact Charlotte directly at charlotteennor@wol.org.nz

Alix Pene

Alix joined Word of Life in 2018 as an intern, and started on staff in 2019. This year her role is CONVERGE co-ordinator. She plays a big part in making CONVERGE an event that is heaps of fun, and in the general running of the events. Alix is passionate about our vision for CONVERGE which is to ‘equip leaders to empower youth to love and share the gospel,’ and works hard so that we get to see this happen! Alix plans to move to New York later this year to study at the Word of Life Bible Institute for two years.

Contact Alix directly at alixpene@wol.org.nz

Billy Hanna

Billy began volunteering at Word of Life in 2019, and has now joined staff in a part time position. Billy is part of our events team and his role is CONVERGE Manager. As he volunteered and was a part of CONVERGE in 2019, Billy really got behind the vision for CONVERGE which is to ‘equip leaders to empower youth to love and share the gospel.’ Alongside Word of Life, Billy is studying a Bachelor of Business at the University of Waikato.

Contact Billy directly at billyhanna@wol.org.nz.

Sam Crosbie

Sam was part of our internship program in 2019. This year he has joined staff in a part time position. Sam is part of the events team this year, his main role being our camp programme coordinator. Sam is excited about youth hearing the gospel and therefore is passionate about our events being a fun environment where youth are able to hear and respond. Sam is studying a Bachelor of Theology by distance through Otago University alongside his role at Word of Life.

Contact Sam directly at samcrosbie@wol.org.nz.


Ricky Park

"My name is Ricky. I chose to do the internship after going on Youth Reachout in 2019. I had originally intended to study at university this year, but I felt that God was leading me towards this ministry. This year I hope to gain skills that will help me disciple the youth at my youth group, invest into their lives and see them grow."

Mikayla Crawford

"Hi, I’m Mikayla! I heard about the Word of Life internship through some previous interns, and saw it as a great way to spend a year to really focus on growing my relationship with God. This year I really want to learn how to share the Gospel well and effectively with others, and to gain more confidence in doing this. I am also excited to learn how to effectively disciple youth."


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