Our Staff

Dave & Ainsley Gow


Dave started at Word of Life in 2010 as an intern, and joined staff the following year. He and Ainsley got married in 2014, and went to the Word of Life Bible Institute in New York the following year. Ainsley was our Accounts Administrator for 2 years, and now is a full time mum. Dave has had many roles over the years, and is now Director for Word of Life New Zealand. Dave and Ainsley have 3 young boys, Elijah, Isaiah and Ezekiel.

Scott & Allison Doddrell


Scott has been with Word of Life since 2010. He and his wife Allison have been working in children and youth ministries for about 20 years in the local church. Scott is part of our Local Church Ministries team, providing resources, leadership training and support to those working in the local church. Scott is based in Hamilton.

Nathan & Danielle Martin


Nathan started at Word of Life in 2007 as an intern, and joined staff the following year. He then went to study at the Word of Life Bible Institute in New York for two years, where he met Danielle. Danielle grew up in Oregon, had studied at the BI, and joined staff at the Word of Life World Headquarters in New York in 2008. Nathan and Danielle got married in 2014, then returned to New Zealand joining the Local Church Ministries team. Nathan and Danielle are based in Christchurch and have three young children, Liam, Daphne, and Amelia.

Daniel & Carol Dortch


Daniel is originally from North Carolina in the United States. He studied at the Word of Life Bible Institute for two years, then moved to New Zealand as part of the Cross Cultural Internship program in 2018. Daniel and Carol got married in 2019 and have two young daughters, Willa and Isobel. Daniel is in charge of our office operations and special projects.

Nathan and Kathryn Ellis


Nathan was an intern in 2014, where he met Kathryn on the Fiji Youth Reachout. In 2017 Nathan and Kathryn married and they have two beautiful daughters, Abigail and Lylamay. Nathan and Kathryn ran a youth group for several years, Nathan then went onto complete a Bachelor of Theology at Laidlaw Bible College. Kathryn is trained as an accountant but is currently a full-time mum. Nathan is excited to be a part of the Local Church Ministries team based in Christchurch.

Lance & Emma Robinson


Lance and Emma met through Word of Life and after getting married in 2021, moved to Christchurch. Lance has been on staff for 4 years and is our Head of Production, managing the aspects of the Gospel presentation at our events. Lance is also part of our LCM (Local Church Ministries) Team in the South Island. Emma joined the team in 2022 and is our Communications Manager overseeing our internal communication amongst our team and the external communication of our vision and how we are seeking to achieve it.

Billy & Alana Hanna


Billy joined staff at Word of Life in 2020, as he completed his Bachelor of Business through the University of Waikato. Since finishing his degree, he has moved to a full-time role at Word of Life, joining the Local Church Ministries team, as he supports, cares for and provides resources to youth pastors across the region, as well as overseeing the Operations involved with our events. Billy is currently studying a Masters of Arts in Christian Leadership through Dallas Theological Seminary for 8 hours each week. He and Alana got married in 2022. Alongside supporting Billy within his role, Alana is a Registered Nurse at Waikato Hospital.

Alix & David van Vliet


Alix started at Word of Life in 2018 as an intern, and joined staff the following year. Alix heads up our Programme Team and organises all the activities and structure of our events. She is also part of the Production Team and oversees all of the music involved with the ministry. Since completing her undergraduate degree in Psychology, Alix is now studying full time towards higher qualifications in the same field. Alix and David married at the end of 2023. David teaches Communication Design at the Auckland University of Technology while studying his PhD.

Jordana van Vliet


Jordana is new to the Word of Life team this year. After completing 3 years of high school music teaching, she is joining Word of Life on both the Program and Operations teams. Jordana is passionate about working alongside young people and helps lead a youth group for her church as well as a group out of a local high school.

Caleb Wilkinson-Mackie


Caleb has joined the Word of Life staff team this year to work with Local Church Ministries. Caleb has a huge passion to see lost souls healed by the grace of God and to see fellow believers encouraged in their pursuit after Christ. He is the key leader for his church ministry working with community Intermediate & Youth in Hamilton. He is passionate about the Word of God and is preparing to begin study towards a Master of Divinity later this year.

Vikki Porter


Vikki started working for Word of Life as Office Administrator in 2022. She has worked in various ministry positions over the years, and along with her husband Dave is raising 3 teenage boys. Vikki loves her role as she gets to do a little bit of everything, supporting our various teams to make all the events come together.

Jamie Dalton


Josh & Madi McIvor


Josh started at Word of Life in 2014 as an intern, and joined staff the following year. Josh studied at the Word of Life Bible Institute in New York for two years. He then continued on to the Cross Cultural Internship programme where he moved to serve with Word of Life Brazil for another two years. Madi is originally from Florida in the United States. She studied at the Word of Life Bible Institute in New York in 2016, and is now part of the Cross Cultural Internship program serving here in New Zealand. Josh and Madi got married in 2020 and are now working as our Intern Managers.

Sam Crosbie


Sam started at Word of Life in 2019 as an intern, and joined staff the following year in a part-time role while completing a Bachelor of Theology through Otago University. Sam serves on the Internship Leadership Team alongside Josh and Madi with his area being a specific focus on developing the academic pathways for our interns. Sam is passionate about studying the word of God and seeing others love God with their minds.

Sarah Doddrell


Sarah completed her first year in the internship in 2020, and returned to the internship in 2022. Sarah is part of the Programme Team, and also involved in organizing Children’s Ministry in the internship. For the study side of the internship programme, Sarah is doing a year’s Christian Ministry Certificate through Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Avi Seneviratne


Avi completed his first year of the internship back in 2022, while he was finishing off a Bachelor of Business. He is now in his third year, starting his Master of Biblical and Theological studies through Dallas Theological Seminary. As a third year, Avi will have more leadership responsibilities in areas such as leading camps, and giving more spiritual growth talks, as well as his placement in a local church for 3 months. Avi is engaged to Esmee Clemow and they are getting married this July.

Daniel Pye


Daniel started his internship in 2023 and is now a second-year intern with Word of Life. This year, Daniel is involved with Youth Reachout and is excited to be a mentor on the trip, and see young people grow in their faith. For his study, Daniel is studying a Bachelors in Youth Ministry through Davis College.

Max Vivian


Max completed his first year of the internship in 2023 and is continuing this year with as a second-year intern. He is excited to be a part of Youth Reachout this year and help lead the team going to Fiji. For the study side of the internship, he is studying a 1 year Bible Certificate through Davis College in New York.

Andre Wright


Katelyn Delemare


Matt Parsons


Hannah Dalton


James Cooper


Kaitlyn Doake



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