The Word of Life Internship Program is a multi-year ministry and study program, designed to develop young adults into reproducing leaders that are passionate about God and the Gospel. Word of Life partners with Local Churches to evangelise and disciple youth. The Internship Program utilises the ministry platforms and relationships that Word of Life has to provide an effective development environment for each intern. 

Our Mission


Our Vision


We follow a 40% ministry, 40% study, 20% personal growth format. Interns will engage with a variety of ministry experiences, while learning through their academic studies and be challenged to grow in faith and character. We strive to provide each intern with the environment to:





The 4 Year Programme

Interns have the opportunity to be on the programme from anywhere between one year, or the entirety of their bachelors degree. Interns in each year of the programme are rubbing shoulders and doing ministry together as a unit, although each year has its own specific emphasis, pushing interns to grow in a focussed area of ministry.

Aimee Clemow (First Year)

“In my last year of high school, I had no idea what to do once I graduated. I was considering multiple different study options but just really didn’t feel any calling in any particular direction. Then I heard about the Word of Life Internship and decided that it was a great opportunity that I couldn’t pass up because I couldn’t see how a year dedicated to serving God could be wasted. And it certainly hasn’t been! This year has helped to stretch and grow me in so many different ways. I have learned and developed many different ministry skills that have helped to equip me to serve effectively wherever I am placed. The study aspect of the Internship has also been highly beneficial as I have found out so much more about God and who He is. One of my favourite parts of the Internship has been serving as a youth group leader in my church placement. It has been so rewarding to be able to input into the lives of young girls and be able to support them on their faith journey. I love the relational aspect of the Internship and how we utilise that to share the gospel with others. This year has helped to ignite in me a passion for youth and for them to become passionate about God so that they will have a strong base to stand on after leaving home and actively seek after God themselves. I am excited to see where God leads me and how He uses me in the future.”

Maddie Leslie (Second Year)

“I have absolutely loved my time here at Word of Life. I started my first year at the Internship in 2020 after being convicted about my motivations for what I had previously planned to do after school. These two years have been the best years of my life, for both my personal development and growth in my relationship with God. I have been provided with ample opportunities to develop my skills in ministry including communication, relationship building, time management, and have gained a better understanding of the gospel and how it applies to my everyday life. I feel as though God may lead me away from the Internship next year. I plan to study business at Waikato University as well as enter the workplace. Although I have chosen not to complete the full four years of the Internship, I feel as though my time here has equipped well for relational evangelism as I interact with non-believers in the workplace and on campus. I am so excited to see how God will use the skills I have gained this year to share the love of Christ in a secular community. I am forever thankful for all that God has done for me over these two years in the Internship. Glory be to Him!”

Avi Seneviratne (First Year)

“This year has been such an amazing experience! It has brought many different challenges and opportunities which have helped me grow in multiple areas of my life. From personal spiritual growth to ministry practice, the Internship has provided me with a variety of skills this year. As a first-year intern, I have experienced a wide range of ministry which has been very eye-opening. I have loved furthering my knowledge of the gospel, seeing how relevant it is not just for others, but in my life every day. I have learned so much about the different ministry avenues, and have absolutely loved growing closer to God through this journey. It has been so cool seeing how God has used me this year, and how he has grown the abilities that he has given me. This year has created a desire for me to pursue God, and has encouraged me to continue in ministry wherever God takes me!”

Ricky Park (Third Year)

“My internship with Word of Life has presented me with so many new challenges and experiences. It has been a good training ground to learn more about God through trusting Him as I serve in the ministry He has placed me in. The Word of Life Internship has helped me grow in my confidence in communicating and building relationships with people. It has been such an encouragement to see growth in my life knowing that it’s nothing that I have done, but God working in me. As part of the Internship this year, I was able to spend 3 months in Whangarei serving at Clark Road Chapel. This was an amazing experience to serve and to learn more about church ministry, particularly church leadership. It has been a privilege to be part of this Internship as it has grown into a 4-year program and I look forward to many more experiences with Word of Life.”

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