The Word of Life Internship Program is a multiyear ministry and study program, designed to develop young adults into reproducing leaders that are passionate about God and the Gospel. Word of Life is dedicated to evangelising and discipling youth all over New Zealand in partnership with local churches. The Internship Program utilises the ministry platforms and relationships that Word of Life has to provide an effective development environment for each intern. 






We follow a 50% Ministry and 50% Study format. Each intern will engage in different ministry opportunities with Word of Life while learning through their academic studies. We strive to provide an environment for an intern to seek, serve, & study.


Seek spiritual & personal growth through one-to-one mentoring, personal development workshops, and team oriented and Gospel-focused environments.


Serve God and the local church alongside other Word of Life staff and interns in the ministries of events, camps, mission trips and more.


Study the foundations of the Word of God and work towards a Bachelors degree online.


Applications are open for interns in 2022!

The Internship Program is an opportunity for you to grow in your relationship with God, in your character, and in your ministry skills, providing 1-4 years of study and ministry experience. Whether you want a gap year dedicated to God, or you see yourself in a future full time/part time ministry role, the internship will cater to you! When you have finished your internship with Word of Life, you will be more equipped to evangelise, disciple, teach, and lead others towards Christ while gaining a greater love and passion for God and people.

If this is something you are interested in, click below to apply!


Study God’s Word through Pathways College of Bible & Mission, completing a Level 5 Diploma in Christian Studies.

YEAR 2-4:
Study online towards a Bachelor’s Degree.

YEAR 3 & 4:
Serve for 3-6 months in a placement church or ministry organisation in New Zealand or another country.


"I came into the year wanting growth in my spiritual life and I have received that in full. I have experienced spiritual change that has revolutionised my walk with God. The internship has prepared me well as I move onto further endeavours. Next year, I will be studying business at the University of Canterbury, as well as doing an internship with a business called Pathway, which works with reintegrating prisoners. I have learnt so many valuable skills this year through the opportunities Word of Life has given me. I know that all these will come in useful as I move into further study, work and ministry. Despite not being the year I expected, I have still learnt and grown so much."

Jona Cooper, First Year Intern 2020

"I have loved this year! It has been challenging and I have had to deal with things I never saw coming, but I have grown a lot! I have loved having the opportunity to serve God and play just a tiny part in what He is doing through Word of Life. I love the staff and I see how each of them value the Gospel so highly in their lives, which is something that I long to do. I have loved the opportunity to study God’s Word more deeply. Towards the second half of the year, God began to lay ministry and staying on with WOL on my heart. He began to change what I value and view highly in my life. Next year I will be staying on with Word of Life to do a second year internship. I will be studying Biblical Counselling online through Liberty University. I see counselling as something that will really benefit me in ministry. I am really excited to see what God has in store for me next year!"

Mikayla Crawford, First Year Intern 2020


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