We have a range of events which we do all over the country. All of our events have the same purpose; to share the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. Check out our events to see what can serve your youth ministry!

Four teams compete in strategy, strength and speed to determine who will come out on top! Designed to suit multiple youth groups in an area coming together, or a big youth group on its own.

We come to you with a trailer full of gear and pack out your venue with activities! Flexible to you, the size of your group, the size of your venue, the length of time you have; we can adapt the event to suit your youth group.

Hundreds of teenagers, six hours of activities, you choose how to pack your night! Earn as much DOSH as you can to spend on amazing prizes!

An action packed three day camp with a focus on the Gospel, and creating space for young people to grow in their youth communities.


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