Word of Life International

The story of Word of Life starts with the vision of Jack Wyrtzen, who believed, “it is the responsibility of every generation to reach their generation for Christ.” Jack founded Word of Life Fellowship in 1940 as an outgrowth of a Bible study. Over the next 75 years, Word of Life added camps, conference centers, bible institutes, and church youth ministries spanning 70 countries. Our 1400+ missionaries continue to reach the next generation for Christ.

Since day one, God has used Word of Life to bring people from all over the world to Himself. When Jack Wyrtzen and Harry Bollback began the ministry of Word of Life, they were committed to engaging their culture with the Gospel. Today, Word of Life remains committed to the purpose of reaching our generation with the Gospel creating opportunities for youth and families to experience their faith, and share the message of salvation with those who have never heard.

Our History

Word of Life has been established in New Zealand since 1984, starting with bible clubs and expanding to run a camp property & Bible College in Nelson. Over time, Word of Life has streamlined to focus intentionally on supporting the local church in their work to evangelise and disciple youth. Over 30 years on, we are now a nationwide ministry based in Hamilton, with staff in Auckland and Christchurch. Every aspect of Word of Life's ministry, whether evangelism, discipleship or leadership training is firmly founded on Biblical Principles and teaching. This dedication and commitment to God's Word defines and determines the direction of Word of Life, past, present and future.


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