What is Youth Reachout?

Youth Reachout is a mission experience designed for individuals aged 16 and older. This program emphasizes two key elements: hands-on ministry and individual spiritual development.

The course spans three weeks, during which participants receive training to effectively engage in evangelism. This training covers building relationships, initiating conversations, and implementing outreach programs. Subsequently, participants apply these skills in diverse communities and settings across the islands. Alongside these practical experiences, there is a dedicated focus on personal spiritual growth and discipleship. This includes engaging in seminars about Christian living, participating in small group discussions, receiving mentoring from leaders, and worshiping together.

Through Youth Reachout, we have witnessed transformative moments where lives are changed, and young individuals establish a solid foundation for their Christian journey!

How do I send Students?

We accept students who have been nominated by their Churches or Youth Groups. This is because a church organisation will be choosing the students who are best suited to grow on the trip and will be received back by a community eager to disciple and encourage them.

Up to 3 students can  be nominated from each church. The initial nomination is completed by Youth Leaders through the link below.

Nominations for YRO 2024 closed on Thursday 7th December 2023.

The next step of the application process will be the responsibility of the students and will require a typeform application submission, $100 deposit, parent consent, a character reference and a Zoom interview.

Other Important Information

2024 trip cost: $3900 per student
Trip Dates: 28th June 2024 – 19th July 2024

Nominate a Student

Nominations for Youth Reachout 2024 are now closed.
If you are church leader and interested in sending some of your young people in 2025 nominations will open later this year.  Please use the button below to register early interest.

Student Highlights


“Youth Reachout Roadtrip was an immensely impactful and life-changing experience. Throughout the duration of the trip I was constantly pushed outside of my comfort zone which led to amazing spiritual growth and eagerness to share the gospel. I have come out of the trip with a new heart for the lost and a boldness to share my faith with those around me, accompanied by a stronger personal relationship with God.”


“Youth Reachout Roadtrip was different than I expected, we were so involved with running the events, but I honestly loved all of the different ministries and I think the work we did in the Fairfield community was super beneficial. I really love kids so I enjoyed how that was a major part of the trip. They are so open and loving so it was a real joy to be able to share the good news with them. In my own life God really highlighted things I didn't even know were an issue. I realised how I need to surrender everything to God and it was an amazing time of restoration and a fresh start. I have definitely seen a difference in my quiet times and the areas I was challenged in.”


If you are keen to support Youth Reachout financially, either a specific team member or the trip itself, please click on the button below.


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