The Power of Intercessory Prayer

It is the heartbeat of Word of Life to see young people sharing the Gospel with their friends and it is our desire to see this happening. One of the tools we encourage youth ministries to use is called 'the cause circle'. The cause circles aim is to be putting intentional time aside to pray for those in our life who are not yet followers of Christ. The cause circle is made up of 3 sections, prayer, care and share. As a team we have implemented this into our lives and each week we take some time as a team to share about our cause circles and pray for one another in this area. It has been such an encouraging and challenging experience as we put what we teach into action, focusing intentionally on praying and sharing the gospel with those who cross our paths.

How prayer turned into opportunity

One of our team members shared this story of how praying intentionally turned into an open opportunity to talk about faith.

'"As a result of being challenged about implementing relational evangelism in my life through the Cause Circle, one of the names I added to my circle was my brother. For 6 months, I was praying for him almost everyday, that God would either provide me an opportunity to share my faith or someone else would come along his path and share the truth with him. This summer God provided that opportunity for me, I had an awesome open door to share and we were able to chat together for over 2 hours about faith. He still hasn't trusted Christ but is open and searching. I am continuing to pray every day that God would stir and burden his heart to know the truth. This was such an exciting answer to prayer for me as I find it the hardest to talk to my own family members. As a result of the work God was doing in my heart as I prayed for him each day, it became so much easier and I was able to recognise the opportunity when He provided it."

Isn't it amazing that when we are willing to be used by God He opens the doors and gives us the opportunities to do just that. As a ministry who's vision is to see "every young person in our nation impacted by the Gospel through a friend" we have been challenged in how each of us are doing that in our own lives. May this be an encouragement and a challenge to us all to be intentional about praying for the lost and being willing to act on God's prompting. 


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