Because evangelism and discipleship are so important, we want to place useful tools in your hands to help children and youth ministries teach the Word of God. Our curriculum is firmly rooted in Biblical doctrine and teaches Biblical principles, helping students connect God's Word to their lives in a very real and personal way.

Word of Life publishes curriculum for three different age groups:

FIFTY1 | Year 9-13

Are you tired of seeing a student’s spiritual fire fade away soon after a powerful ministry event? With Fifty1 Student Ministries you have everything you need to have a powerful weekly youth ministry experience to keep their fire going throughout the year. Fifty1 focuses on three goals:

  • Gospel Witness – Every student everywhere hearing the Gospel from a friend.
  • Spiritual Growth – Every student everywhere growing in their walk with Christ.
  • Disciple-Making – Every student everywhere training friends in Gospel witness and spiritual growth.

OLYMPIANS | Year 2-8

Envisioning the Christian life as a race, our Olympian program features the Olympic theme and urges children to “go for the gold” in their pursuit of godliness. We provide the resources, training and encouragement for leaders to guide children in forming essential spiritual habits. Parent resources are also built in to help parents take a step into true discipleship with their own children.


Lessons teach foundational truths of Scripture so that children, ages 4-6, can begin to develop a basic understanding of Scripture. Every lesson includes parent resources to encourage meaningful follow-up between parents and their children.

LCM Essentials

LCM (Local Church Ministries) Essentials is Word of Life New Zealand's online portal to sharing resources and ideas. This is the place where youth ministries access resources to teach their youth solid Biblical foundations and principles.


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