Daily Devotionals

The Word of Life Quiet Time devotional guides believers in developing the habit of listening to God through daily Bible reading and application, as well as talking with God in prayer. The Quiet Time follows a 3 year reading plan that features every genre of Scripture, all the historical Bible books, and the entire New Testament. The Daily Devotionals are synchronised across all six age groups, so can help the whole family interact with God’s Word daily. Family members are in the same passage, but using a tool adapted to their age.

You try out a six week Daily Devotional printable PDF version for free. Just scroll further and click on the download links below.

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Daily Devotional (Ages 4-5)

Daily Devotional (Ages 7-8)

Daily Devotional (Ages 9-10)

Daily Devotional (Ages 11-12)

Daily Devotional (Teens)

Daily Devotional with Commentary (Teens & Adults)


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