Leadership Conference 2023

This last month we had the privilege of running our annual leadership conference in four different locations around the country. It was an awesome opportunity to connect with various youth ministries and focus together on the importance of being leaders who lead by example. Our heart behind running this event is to see leaders be encouraged and spurred on to run effective Gospel advancing ministries. It is always so encouraging and exciting to hear the conversations being had around how to make their youth ministry more effective in sharing the Gospel. 

Walk the talk

Something that has been laid on Word of Life NZ's heart over the last few years is the aspect of leading that we so often tend to push to the side "Leading by living". For example we constantly talk about sharing the gospel and we share it regularly through ministry but how often do we do it in our personal lives? This has been something we have been challenged on and so we have been making it a priority in our team to be intentional about praying and sharing the message of hope in our everyday life. Our main focus for this years conference was to dive deep into what it looks like to be "Leaders who lead" and it was beyond encouraging to hear the impact that this message had. 

“We had two of our senior youth come along to the Leadership Conference Watch Party in Auckland. The time with the youth at the conference was really beneficial and led to some super fruitful conversations. In those conversations, one of them expressed a strong desire to get baptised and both of them were super passionate and excited to learn more about the Bible.”
- A key leader from our Auckland Leadership Conference watch party.

How awesome is that? So encouraging to hear how God used this time and message to spur these future leaders on to putting their faith into action. 


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