Leaders Heart For The Gospel

On the 23rd of March, we were able to serve Riccarton Community Church's intermediate group with an event they were running. We brought our inflatables along and ran games for the 40 kids that were there. The group had been growing recently and on that night there were about 15 kids that came for the first time. Lance was there that night and shared about one of the more encouraging moments.

“It was after we had packed up everything, the trailer was full of our gear and inflatables and we had a lot of leaders helping us pack up. We came together to pray before we all left and hearing the hearts of the leaders for their young people was so encouraging. They have such a desire for their youth to come know the Gospel and for them to have a relationship with God. We come and serve a youth ministry for a night with our games but to hear the prayers of these leaders that are there every week and how God is using them is one of the most exciting things to see.”

We desire to see leaders encouraged as they serve God in youth ministry and for them to be spurred on in their work for the Lord as they share Him with their youth. However, often we are the ones that end up encouraged as we see leaders selflessly giving up their time to input into their young people and doing all they can to reach their youth with the hope of the Gospel.

Since that night, we’ve heard that there have been more parents in the community reaching out and wanting to bring their kids along to the group. It’s exciting to think about how God will continue to use this group and the passionate leaders there to show these young people His love and bring them into a relationship with Him.


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