New Camp Initiatives 2022

Our annual youth camp is a place where youth groups come together to participate in crazy games, fellowship and biblical teaching. This year we created two brand new initiatives to help utilise the opportunities we have at camp, introducing "Camp Crew" and "Leadership Engagement". It was encouraging to see how these new ventures added to the overall value of camp and how God used these to work in mighty ways.

Camp Crew

Camp Crew was a new addition to camp this year. With a mission to serve the campers, youth leaders, and Word of Life staff by taking the weight of the camp jobs, while being poured into and spiritually strengthened through a special program designed to encourage them in ministry support. The sixteen 17-20 year old's and the two leaders spent the weekend washing dishes, scrubbing toilets, and worshiping God together. It was great to see how a little bit of hard work and God's Word can make an impact in a very short amount of time. 

At the end of the weekend, one of the "Crewer's" shared that this time was the most intentional anyone had ever been in personally pouring into their Christian walk. It was amazing to have the opportunity to encourage and disciple young adults, seeing them strengthen their faith while serving God. 

Leadership Engagement

This year we introduced a new aspect at camp focusing on the youth leaders, we had felt that we needed to engage more strategically with all the youth leaders over the weekend. So the leadership engagement time became a separate breakfast for all the youth leaders at camp which gave us an opportunity to bless them with a delicious breakfast and acknowledge the value they each play in the young people who come along to camp each year. It also allowed us to give the leaders an insight on what each day would bring at camp, how they could be intentional with their young people, and connect with other leaders in a relaxed atmosphere. But the greatest benefit of the breakfasts, was the time leaders spent praying for their young people before they went off to start the day.

It was so encouraging to see leaders every morning engaging with one another, praying and sharing stories of praise and victory throughout camp. It was our heart to see the leaders being blessed, cared for and supported over the weekend as they gave their time and passion to the youth. 

Thank you for your support

Thank you so much to everyone who supported camp this year through prayers and messages of encouragement, we couldn't of done this without your prayers and petition to our almighty God. 
We are beyond grateful that God has used this camp to serve, strengthen and support youth communities. 


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