CONVERGE is a gospel-centred youth event we run around New Zealand. It is a fun night of large-scale games, competition, and a Gospel message, bringing together various youth ministries in an area!

This event provides an opportunity to encourage youth to invite their friends who may not usually attend youth group, that they may hear the Gospel clearly presented, and enjoy an event that is heaps of fun. We support youth ministries to follow up with the friends that were invited, and to disciple the young people who respond to the Gospel at the event.

But our vision goes far beyond the event itself. CONVERGE is a tool that is part of a bigger picture. It has been on our hearts for youth ministries to create a culture of advancing the Gospel. This way young people will learn to love and share the Gospel, to grow a heart for the lost, and to take opportunities they have to share the good news.

We want to help youth ministries to create and sustain this kind of culture. So we have designed training content to share with the leadership teams of the youth ministries whom we work with. Our prayer is that this training will inspire and equip ministries to empower their youth to reach out with the good news. The CONVERGE event itself then acts as a fantastic catalyst for this.

“My team and I thoroughly enjoyed the training provided by the Word of Life team. They make relational evangelism relevant and practical; the training is simple but really profound. Left us with a lot to think about”

Sean Schutte, Matamata Baptist Church

We love to see youth excited about the Gospel and the opportunity they have to share it with those around them. We believe that this is the way in which the youth of New Zealand will be significantly reached to know Jesus Christ.

If this is something your youth ministry would like to be a part of, please show your interest below.

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